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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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DarkShock: It lacks effects and lighting. Pretty neat otherwise.

It 'aint smudging, it's a secret recipeeee.

I think the border is weird because on the top + bottom sides it's thick and on the sides it's thin. It makes it look a bit awkward to look at.

I know what it is. :wink: Don't worry, I'll keep it a secret. It's a beautiful blue, very subtle. That blurry glass effect of yours might look good in this sig. :)

This is a huge work in progress, but I thought I'd show it anyway:


It's supposed to be a grassfield at night. :lol:

At the moment the border is black but when it's done and there is no white I'll change it to white, it looks better that way imo. :)

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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@YY10, a bit too monotone. A nice way to keep your colors separate but around the same range of tones is to flatten your finished image without too much color work done on it. Duplicate the image and use curves or your preferable method to change it to whatever color you like, then simply change the transparency to a lower level. Keeping your hues blended together is always a good idea but too much of one color can ruin a signature.

And theres always the distinct possibility you already know this so please dont be offended if I sounded patronizing.

I particularly liked how this one turned out and thought I'd share it:


EDIT: Seems I posted right after Theonlychad so thought I'd give an opinion. A nice texture, a bit rough but I think it adds to the overall effect. Using a texture as a signature is sometimes a good idea but in this case I'd suggest shaping the texture into something more appealing.

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