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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

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I like it allot, the render ( is that the right word? ) is very clean around the edges and stands out allot against the background. Also i find the text to be simple yet effective, in the way that it overlaps yet is still readable.

The only part of it i dont like is the patch covering the mouth/neck/shoulder region it looks out of place to me. Your favourite so far is the reaper one though. :)

My turn :)


Something i made for my gaming clan :)

Also you can comment on current sig as well if you wish :)

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KillerK, you obviously like lines and angles (are you a mathmatical person?).

Some comments on your gaming sig. The individual elements are good, but I am not blown away by the composition.

You don't have to fill in every spot, 'white space' is good (or in this case blue strippy space). There is a lot of text, but as it is all the same font your eye doesn't know where to go. You will get a better look if you use a contrasting font for A Eu Clan Cg Clan.

But your sig is way better than my non-existant one. :wink:

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soul41:It's very nice, there's only thing I can think of that you can improve on, the back round to me kinda looks like water, and to me that doesn't look right in the picture.

I don't know about anybody else. :?:

tmds3: How long did this take you?

To me it looks maybe......simple?

Add some layers, effects, and change the back round, the back round is somewhat bland. I suggest a gradient of some sort.

Though I like the glow on the top edge of the water. :D

You did good for your first image though.(nice creativity)

"The truth is just an excuse for having a lack of imagination."

Photobucket sucks!
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thanks for the rating, I wasn't really asking for it but I appreciate it anyways. :)

You need a better understanding of composition. I don't know if you're more interested in the Photoshop-style tags you'll see in GFX forums or the less theoretic style we get here, but either way, you'll want one (usually) or two (hard, more common here but not necessarily done well) focal points. A focal point is the most interesting part of your piece; it should attract the viewer's eye immediately. That's why it's hard to have two strong focal points: eyes can only look in one place. In my case, my focal point is the young woman. In your case, you could make the statue less covered up with gray and add the text (make sure it's no wider then 150px) to attract the eye.

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My turn!

After about one hour of messing on PDN i made this:


(Should be smaller, I have it somewhere!)

Then, after a week of "What does this button do? What does this button do? What does this plugin do?" I managed to make this:


Hope you like it! :mrgreen:



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