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That's pretty cool Ouchy, certainly inspired me to make a vert sig...

the border is distracting though, but the effects are pretty cool. very nicely done.

@Blooper- sweet line skills, and yeah it looks loads better on a dark background. unfortunately, some of the shapes look like balloons... :( like the pink thingy.

also posting mine for entry thingy...


tried more smudging than normal.

(and accidentally made a cool smudge thingy. :roll::D )

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@Hyrule: Gah! Now I need to make another Metroid sig! That is amazing, really love the use of smudge.

@nath305: Looks cool, I like the simplicity of it.

----------------. . . Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse . . .----------------


---------------------. . . I'm a guy of simple tastes . . .----------------------

-------------------.:My Forever Maturing Gallery:.--------------------

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hyrule, try downloading some smudge brushes from dA, and use them to smudge. The defaults in smudge are pretty bad. Mess with the settings too, low quality and high strength can give a neat effect (try it). Also try adding c4ds for some fx. It looks pretty good though - one of your best. ;)


Trying something new.



v1 black and white



Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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i like v2 better cause of the pink in the first one (it doesn't look bad, i just think its too much for me heh heh) the text is very nicely put and everything is composed very well.

oh and i keep meaning to get new brushes, i just am too lazy, but i will. eventually. i use the paintbrush one the most, it isnt too bad

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