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Yikes.. tHs, that sig looks like you didn't do much to it, but who cares!? It looks awesome anyway! :P:D

Well, Beijing 2008 Olympics kicked off today, so i thought i'd make a quick sig to mark the day. I did this in about 10-15mins..


Don't really like it, but meh.. :lol:

Text is a clipping mask :twisted:

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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tHs, Chief is spelled Chief, not Chif :P

I think he did spell Chief right. If you look closely, then you can kind of make out a faint F at the end. The letter before is an E.

Well, this is my second attempt at making a sporty photoshop style sig. I think its better than the first, considering i used no brushes. Its 100% PDN except for the stocks i used, which are listed at the bottom.


I used these stocks:

  • [*:1pgoxt6z]
Clay Tennis court
[*:1pgoxt6z]Grass Tennis court

Yeah, i copied the same text from my gallery :P

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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Looks good. 7/10


But how!? That's awesome dude! I don't understand the texture but it looks awesome.

I have the feeling you misunderstood Grizzle's "7/10". Guess he was rating the sig above him.... :wink:

.....and nobody commented on the one I posted right after his.... *cry* :cry:

Okay, next time I will avoid posting right after Grizzle! :mrgreen:

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