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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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Really nice job, both of you! But Pipp, could you enlarge the render? If possible, Kinda disturbing that it doesnt take up much space, and Tom, I love your sig, but I think its too big... :?:

I know Tom, too dark, I'm going to remove the gradient because no one can appreciate the background. :x

P.S. - Or Pipp, you could make the canvas smaller..


Lego's deviantART.

La De Da...

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[shout] Shiny! :shock: [/shout]


very shiny and very good. :D


Wow - those are crisp and sharp - looking really great (better as thumbnails the size you posted)

Awesome job on this one-

You're getting a lot better man! Way to go!

Thanks! I'll probably redo the icons again, but on a larger scale as they do have quite a bit of :AntiAliasingOff: around the edges.

nice lookin icons man!


Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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@LFC4EVER oh how nice of you the first letter of my name!

thanks a bunch now just to struggle thru the "M" and the "A"

and I'll be all set for a new avatar and siggy. :lol: great job on converting that tut. would be nice to actually see a section here for those type of translated tuts.

Well oma, here you go!


Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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