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I like the feel of combo one, but the font choice doesn't make sense to me.

That background with a paint splash effect put on the font from combo 3 would be a great blend.

The font used in the second combo has good definition while being ornate and based on how the avatar seems to match up, I'd say of the three in their current form, that would be my pick.


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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The first and third are my favs, but just remember to pick what u feel defines u!

Pick your fav.





Or of course my current!

(You can tell I like a dark background huh! lol)

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"A day to remember" is quite the signature :D no seriously it's great, looks great, nice colors, cool texture, great depth. But a bit too much text IMO

for the other tags, try using high quality renders, they are a bit too blurry or have jaggy edges.




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@scoopvideo I really like 2,3,4,and 5 and a lot of the text only stuff is good.

@NIN I like it I have been playing around with B&W sigs myself lately they seem to stand out more I also like your current sig.

A few of my most recent things after taking a few months off.

Made for a friend called Auk who is a Pink Floyd fan.





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Here is a signature I made yesterday. It is the first one in my new "series" called InspiЯed (I like those fancy letters, don't judge me!). Basically, this one was inspired by Android's Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers and desings.

Obviously, it is 100% Paint.NET


I would love some feedback.



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