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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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should have said this earlier but the 'cloudy' effect is actually a flame background i made with a tutorial i found on Deviant art. it's just so piled with other stuff, you can't really see it. :roll:

either way, thanks chris. ^^


"Even the Gods wish to not be alone..."

[And yes, I did draw my Avatar. see it full-sized on my deviantart page.]

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Not bad. It blends really well, and I can see a light source on the left. And you can see a bit of light on his skin. I just think you could move the render over a bit and add some brushes or c4ds (or both). If you need any help, let me know. I would give it a 7.5/10 definately considering it is your first signature attempt. Way better than my first.

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Long time no see :D heres my new creation :P did it like 2 days ago. The background is winter sonata the animation, the render is from Planet Renders and the snowflakes where made from a tutorial :D


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my take on photo editing is this :sit, play, read, learn, create

i have 167 plugins currently installed (give or take a couple)

(i just counted)

most of my photos are made from scratch

if you want to know how anything ive done is made contact me at


or leave a simple post on the form



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Being your first signature, it is really good. The text fits nicely and so does the border. I also like the brushes (?) you used. Only thing I would recommend is putting some effects on top of the render to help blend it some more. Really nice job though, keep it up!

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For your first attempt, you've hit some necessary elements when making a signature. Good color combination, stock and text placement, and effects. I'd suggest you work on making your work "flow" more, as in making your effects to work towards a single physical direction. Also, blending your focus with the background is key, to make them become one, rather than the appearance of an image on a background.

Would appreciate feedback on this signature I made a few days ago. My main technique is smudging.


Stock: http://imageftw.com/uploads/20110326/FileLitwickBWPromo9.jpg

breaking news, winning hearts, losing life

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