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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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Shadow, i like the fact that it's chopped up, but i think it could have been done better.

Long time no post here!

Iv'e been real busy but im glad to be back i must say.

Here's a couple images that were made as T-Shirt designs.

(They've all been scaled a ton so they could fit the requirments.)

Tell me what you think.





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@shadow - It is not a bad piece, but render sigs like that don't tell me anything about your skill in PdN. For example, what were the stocks used? I tend to list them so people can know how much of it I made. Chrisco97, for example, makes some pretty cool render sigs, but has more than proven his skill in other areas. Looking forward to seeing more works from you.

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