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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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@himself: don't really like it. would be cooler if you would make it pixel work :P

@ace: looks nice, good lensflare. just the planet looks not blended in because the planets light is on the left while the lightsource is on the right :/

new one:



and the weirdest sig in my life :):D


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Pipp92: I like the first one, it is awesome, I like it. I also like how you made the "YO" look like part of the render in the first. I hate to say it, but the second one is not your weirdest. :|

I think your Gear of Wars sig is your best, next to the Spider-Man. Why not make it your current?

Dicke: I like it, I would like to see more stuff from you.

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Particularly focused on blurring. The background is lighter so it'd probably flow better with a lighter tone for the blurs around the render. The background could use some work, something more behind the render to give the sig a better depth and feel. Generally have the right idea in covering the edges as far as Im concerned.

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@Pipp: Thanks, I actually appreciate that comment. Means a lot!

@Pipp's Sig: It is nice, nice flow, and overall a good signature. First is better. But is still is not as good as the Gears of War signature though!

@PTUZ: I like it, the text goes good with the background, IMO. If only your render had more blending. :)

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