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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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Ummm, don't remember what the old one looked like to be honest...had a really hard day (physically & mentally). I love your avvie & I think it was something along those lines. I know that I liked it a lot.

New one is good but you need to have the eyes looking at the text...there is a reason for it but too tired to think well. Something about not owning the text...hubby is a signwriter & sometimes we do business cards for people. That was an issue that came up with a client.

Aislin, just had a thought...the text looks quite plain even though it is cursive...why not try gold text? There's some good tutes on it. A gold diamond shape to separate your name from the rest would set it off nicely.

I love the look of the girl...very pretty! Well done!

Thanks Barbieq, I will take a look at it and see if I can change it this weekend. Hope you will be fine soon...

At the other posters of the sigs, Like them all. Burn, very nice use of colors... looks very integer.

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Ehh what happened to this thread?

Not sure which sigs to comment on.




The first one: Looks okay overall but the effects are a bit ugly in my opinion, especially on the arm on the left.

Also, the dark shape on the right doesn't quite fit there.

Second: This one looks very good. I love the smudgy effects and the colors fit well together.

Third sig: Not as good as the second sig but still pretty good. Most of the effects look nice, but some could be better.


New sig I made today:


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lol... the memo, silly zeion :D

your sigs cool, i know even if i tried i couldn't achieve a sig like that. the text works great and patterns and border fit very well great job 8.5 / 10

what dus yuu fink ov teh new MAX size'D sonikz sigz0rsZ


Simplicity For The Win!

Sig Battle Wins: ||


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My Gallery

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People. Please, please pay attention to the previous post!

Mendo: Your sig is okay, but the edges could be a little darker and the lighting and colours are clashing with the lighting on the render. See how there's orange on Sonic and his fist? That's light coming from above and since there's no such light in your sig it looks weird. Simply brushing a little orange above his fist and then gaussian blurring it a lot (~60) might fix it. I like the effects by the way.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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