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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text

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@Blooper: Very nice logo. The Rs are a bit weird but they're readable.

@Zieon Eslador: Your grayscale signature is awesome! The concept is original and the abstract and border look good.

Your current is nice as well but I think the grayscale one is better.

@Bjarni: it looks pretty good, but it would be better without those spikes on the top and bottom.

I would use a simple border instead. The background and text are pretty good :)

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In my opinion, the bottom left corner of Hellgate shouldn't have the green showing, maybe if it were blue or yellow. The top middle seems a bit too busy compared to the rest of the image, but it looks nice and doesn't need to be changed. [7/10]

The Iron Man sig is perfect. Making it clearer that the light is coming from his hands (is it?) would be nice, but I really like how it looks now. Also, if there is light from behind as well, you ought to cut off his head and move it up a layer. That way you can have some light spill over his shoulders but remain behind his head. [8/10]

(Don't take the ratings wrong, I doubt I've ever given a [10/10] for a sig)

Switched my SOTW entry to this-


I just didn't think the border on the older one fit well with the rest of it.



(Click top half for DeviantArt gallery) (Click bottom half for Paint.NET gallery)

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