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Image Umbrella: Signatures, Avatars, Logos & Text


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First one: The render is very blurred. You want the focal to be sharp and the background blurred.

The background color should match the render. The effects are pretty good.

The second one is better imo, but you should make the background a little more interesting.

The render doesn't really have any flow, and it's poorly cut. I like the colorful effects you used, but the text should be smaller.

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thought this was signatures, AVATARS, logo&text??? I do have an avatar lol

It's not RPG avatars we're talking about. The picture up to 120*160px wide and tall above your name is an avatar ;)

what do you suggest? where do i need to put this one?? lol

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@ flip: Haha, yeh I know it's not massively original, but I was just having a go at something a bit different for myself, only had PDN a matter of days

@ sokagirl: Ah cheers, flip does have a point, if taken in a non-critical way, it's nowt special

@ yy10: Thanks. Liking that signature by the way, always good when different styles can be intermixed and amalgamated

@Frostcannon: The blending didn't come off too well, I think it's because it's a pretty small image, so when it gets formatted to a .gif some of the quality is lost. :)

I would use it as my avatar, but the dimensions and filesize are too big to allow me apparently

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I have really no idea where to put these following pics, so if i placed it wrong, just tell me where to put them and I will..... Made these 100% PDN with my new graphic tablet which I used today for the first time! so tell me what you think!


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pipp: Wow...those are awesome! The middle one is the best! I think you should blur some bits of that guy(forgot his name-_-)

Aislin: Those are pretty cool! tho I think you should post em in the realistics peices thingy. Wow...and 100% pdn?! Unbelievable!!

Anyone like my current sig?


sigs n stuff

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