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Please help the person above me before me, I posted the banner here otherwise I would forget. I have a very bad memory :|

Ok, I have been trying a couple of things out, but I still feel that this picture is not right :? although it does look better on a black background...



I'm working on a new signature...

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the glow behind the text is too strong

also you could add some stars etc

Is this better?

The stars made an big improvement.

Now the text needs anti-aliasing. The glow wasn't 100% totally bad, you just needed less glow, in my option.

How would I go about anti-aliasing? The plugin "basic anti-aliasing" doesn't do anything to it.

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How's that?

I selected the border and ran Hue/Saturation. Then I went to Borders n' shapes and made a 1px black border with 0 :AntiAliasingOn:. Experiment :D

Also, its pretty nice just as it is. I like the transparent border. Keep up the good work.


- Any thoughts? -

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Kemaru, it's public domain. If you distribute it under the same or a similar license (I don't know devArt, but you can dl every picture you see there, right?), I see no problems.


I highly doubt Sony would sue me


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I made this as a title page for a brochure for a school project. All PDN except for the picture at the top which I edited a fair bit and the flag which I used the very helpful Google Image Search plugin. Any comments on how to improve it? I don't really trust myself to think it done...



- Any thoughts? -

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I love the colours and the overall design, but I think font isn't great at all. It looks fine in the logo but I think the paragraph should have a simple sans-serif typeface, like Myriad or Tahoma. Also, the blue effects in the background are going from top-right to bottom-left, whereas text is read from left to right, so you may want to flip that.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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I agree that the font has problems.

The text looks crowded and the tops/bottoms of some

letters are too thin. It has an old-fashioned look, I wasn't

sure whether that was deliberate, as a nod to Nova Scotia's

long history.

If you switch to a less problematic font, try a moderate

drop-shadow under the text and flag. See how it looks.

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Emergency image, incoming!


Help! First of all, it just looks really bad. The glow around the planet itself looks awful. Also, help on planet textures would be a God-send, mine have no depth. Oh, and any idea how to, like, add stars behind the planet. I tried using noise, but it made the stars look too uniform. I need some bigger / brighter and some darker. Plus the issue of getting them behind the planet. I'm relatively new here and to PDN - talk to me like a n00b. :wink:


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New To PDN - Any Tips or Constructive Criticism Welcome

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If you use Shape3D to form the planet,

be sure to put a checkmark next to Anti-Alias

and raise the strength to 4 or 5.

This will reduce the jaggy edges.

Any use of the MagicWand or other selection

tools on any layer is likely to add jaggies back

to the outline of the planet.


Basic starfield:

Fill a layer with black.

Add noise @




Position it as the bottom layer in the Layers

window and it will be behind the planet.

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Duplicating the planet's texture layer and setting the blendmode to 'lighten' or 'darken' works wonder in case of depth.

Then, make two noise layers. The first one as Kemaru said, and apply a blur on the other one. More depth!

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