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Request for fragmentation plugin

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Firstly, hello. I have been crawling these forums for some time, but only now I registered.

Secondly, I would want to know if someone wants to make (or is it even possible to make) a plugin that would fragment a picture and put each fragment in a separate layer/picture or just in any way separate. I would really need this in a project of mine. I don't want to do this by hand because its painstakingly time consuming. Here is an example (this is text, but I need it for pictures in general):textyj5.pngThis is the original. textbrokenme6.pngThis is fragmented (notice the black lines, they are not trough the whole picture because its meant that the background is transparent), also the fragments could be moved away from each other a little so it looks more fragmented, but that is not necessary. And then, every piece should be somehow extracted separately. I would REALLY appreciate this and I would be psyched if someone could do it. Thou I think it may be impossible to do because of the way paint.net effect work, but if it is then please someone try.

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