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The Basic Contest #1 - Theme: Winter Congrats Aguba

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Welcome to the newest contest. The basic contest is to see what members can do without plug-ins, and enhancements. The contest is a great learning experience especially for those who rely on plug-ins a lot. This contest only uses the core effects, tools, and adjustments implemented with Paint.NET.


1. Art must be completely done by yourself, and only Paint.NET is allowed.

2. Art must follow the specific theme given.

3. Art must be made with only the default tools, effects, adjustment and so on. (Meaning No Plug-ins What So Ever)

4. The max size for the art is 1280 pixels X 960

5. No Stocks are allowed, although if you are inspired by a image please include base image link.

6. You are not allowed to edit your post after submitting.

7. One week to enter.


Please Click Here To Go To The Discussion Thread

This weeks theme is Winter, and you only have till February 10th to enter


Time for voting. Pm with the person you want to win.



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Haha...This has got to be the simplest thing I have done......and yet it is harder than you think to come up with something. Well I used the gradient on the tools just blue and white. Put some different sized paint brush white dots around. Made a blue oval and used the line/curve tool in a lighter blue to make what are supposed to be swirls in the lake. I then made another layer and used the same line/curve tool to make a border and set the layer to multiply. Then used the font 3 different times in 3 different colors moving it over each time to get a shadowing effect. I am not sure if fonts are allowed or only regular fonts? I don't know, if they are not then I am sorry. I just did it for fun.



"All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything,

what we think we become." Buddha

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