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Cloth-Like Material

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I'm wondering if, with pdn, you could make something cloth-like, which you could use when making a medal.

I'm working on medals for my alliance but they look rather fake with a clean cut ribbon, and am in need of something with more texture/cloth-like view.

If any expert pdner (Ash maybe) could enlighten me and perhaps show me an example of a cloth-like graphic, I would be very happy.


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Check this thread.



More updated method:

Pick the color of your cloth, then 2nd color a lighter shade of your 1st color(high lights) :LinearReflectedGradient: --> Dents (Scale@Max, everything else in the low settings.)

Then use the hints in above linked post.

And maybe here


Hope this helps, good luck. :)

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I don't want to revive that old thread so I'll just put this picture you posted up.

How did you do it? (@Ash).

You say it was Sine Waves+Waves, but I have no idea which ones you're talking about, because the Sine Wave and Waves I have gave me nothing (literally) like what you have.


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I'll point you to this mini tut I did on the PDN Fan forum.

The thread--

The mini tut--

Read the whole thread, I answered some questions from the other users.

That's the basic idea.

But I'm not sure if it will fit with what you are doing.

Your ribbon looks pretty good.

Good luck.

Remember to try different settings and a few more different distorts to see what they can do. Mix and Match.

metal-like stuff?

That would be for a new topic.

Hint: Check out my ring tut for some basic chrome/metal ideas.

My tut list and links on my googlepage.

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