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Connecting paint.net to another application


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Hi there,

First of all: I am new to C# and Paint.net

I am coming from Java and tried to write my first programs in C#. So far I found it easy to use.

I am writing a small database application in which I manage adresses and images.

I want to use an image editor in this application to add rectangles and some text to these images.

Can I somehow connect paint.net to this software or integrate it into my application?

Do you have some other suggestions for me?



Edit: Title changed

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I came to the result that for my purposes it is easier to use less and simplier code than paint.net.

If there is another Beginner in C# who is interested in it:

Here are some examples about simple drawing:

Simple Graphic programmin in C# Part 1:


Simple Graphic programmin in C# Part 2:

http://www.developer.com/net/csharp/art ... _1436621_3

But I am still interested, how to connect other applications to paint.net :)


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