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Paint.NET Germany

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Well, nobody can stop you making a website about something (e. g. website about Goethe, yourself, Windows, Germany, the world...), but of course you have to obey to copyright law.

Read this: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3151

In German: Der jeweilige Plugin-Entwickler muss persönlich um Erlaubnis gebeten werden, dass seine Werke weiterverbreitet werden dürfen, außer wenn er ausdrücklich erklärt hat, dass dies jedem erlaubt ist.

Second, if you want to redistribute Paint.NET itself, you have to ask Rick if he allows it. Linking the download page should be OK.

Furthermore, you are not allowed to claim Paint.NET is your work or such a thing, or you are/represent the Paint.NET team. You should make clear that getpaint.net is the appropriate homepage and stress what you are planning is a fanpage.

That's my opinion.

What you should mind is if your idea makes sense. If the community breaks into different languages, it will be bad for everybody and may have bad influences. The current forum is quite fine.

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Kokane, if you actually live in Germany you should additional consider the German Law:

1.) You have to publish an editorial which contains personal data, for example your address. Edit: I forgot: §§ 1 Abs. 4 TMG, 55 Abs. 1 RStV

2.) You are responsible for any comment that is posted on your forum (!!!). The Amtsgericht Hamburg* (I blelieve it was the AG Hamburg) sentenced a news reporter because he deleted a "critical" comment after 8 hours. I doubt you are suitable to do the job. Remember that e. g. the picture of a swastika could be taken to court.

Both points will only be a problem for you if it is your forum. However, the Paint.NET logo and any picture posted in the pictorium or elsewhere may be not allowed to be used without the author's permission.

The legal situation might be more complex than descripted; anyway, the lack of special laws for the internet and of court decisions cause an insecure situation that will create more problems than benefits.


* This is the title of a German court and can be translated as Municipal Court (County Court in UK).

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