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Discussion-PDNfree-HandDrawing Contest! Topic Disscusion!

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so humble k.digennaro, that's a pretty awesome picture you have there!

as for the rules, they're much clearer now, at least for me...

I was working on something, but I got overloaded with work that I don't think I have enough time to finish it :| [oh well, there's always next week :mrgreen: ]

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@topezia nice image you have there. love the gradiant backgrounds of the sky and I love the wee little squirrel chewing on the acorn. Hilarious.

Thanks a lot Oma! I really appreciate your compliments! Yes I like the way my sky looks like too (I think it is the best part of my image) and I discovered a lot of new tricks and things while doing this free-hand contest that really amazed me - I mean I thought you could not do anything without the plug-ins - and I was wrong!

So I think these kind of contests are helpful both to improve skills and to learn more about the amazing powers of Paint.net!

The only thing I regret is that in the rush of posting my entry I did not notice I completely mispelled the word unveiled :lol::lol:

p.s. I see 3 out of 5 of the entries have chosen the stegosaurus , the spiked dinosaur , :lol: (while Yosuhara and K.Digennaro chose the T.Rex, I think)

@yosuhara: I like your choice of blacknwhite looks great!

@K.digennaro: I love that museum

@Madjk: It looks so funny! You can see he's going to enjoy his bunch of leaves!

(B.T.W. If stegosaurus were vegetarians what are those big sharpened teeth for? :lol: , just kidding, I know it is on the comic/cartoon side (just like mine) so you do not have to be realistic)

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