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PDN free-handing Drawing Contest!K.digennaro wins!

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Voting Starting!

Voting will end on the 16th!

*im sorry i havent been more active in this week, ive been fighting the flue :(

So after some thought and some out loud discussion I thought maybe I'd attempt to try out this contest, please let me know what you think.

The concept of the contest is to express art work through your own talent and only your own, I understand how much talent it takes to use some of these plug-ins and such, but I believe is a different sort of talent. There-fore the purpose of this contest is to free hand drawings on PDN then vote on whose you like the best. My definition of free handing is: you may only use the pencil tool, lines/curves. Then I'm going to allow the gradient tool because its a convince. Then of course the paint bucket etc.. Every week a topic will be decided by the community, this first one i will choice to show an example and to get things started.

The PDN Free-Hand Drawing Contest Rules!

If your entry breaks any of the rules it will be disqualified.


* Max Size: 1280 X 968

* No inappropriate language, picture, et cetera.

* The image you make must only be made with the tools.

* Image must follow the set theme.

* Only one entry per person and no modifications to your image are allowed after

submitting your entry.

* No Models/Stocks are allowed. This is simply to be drawn using your imagination

* You are allowed one post in this topic. The post must include your image.

*No Plug-ins allowed! None what so ever. No exceptions.

*Of course it must be 100% PDN.




Many thanks to jerkfight and pyjo for helping to write these rules ^^!!!


Votes will be accepted in the form of PMs to me (k.digennaro) because of the amount of entries so far every one will get 2 votes, you must vote for your favorite two, and can not vote for your own. Votes must be in by the 29th of February, mid day ill get on and announce the winner.

This weeks Topic

Jurassic Age- Dinosaurs, etc., if youre not sure wats allowed to be drawn either google Jurassic age or just ask

The Dead line will be the Saturday the 9th at 12am (Pyjo this is your topic so i really would love to have you in the contest, let me know when you coming back in town, maybe i can extend the deadline).

*please let me know if i forgot anything (ill post my image to give a guideline, im almost done with it)

Post Away!

* Many thanks to sticking this topic :mrgreen:

Edit: As requested I have created a thread strickly toward the discusion and questions about this contest http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=22535. Thanks! ~Kevin~

Edit: Link fixed (sorry bout that)

Contest Winners!

Week 1 Automotives



Week 2 Jurassic Age




To be honest people took this contest a lot further than i was thinking, this is a good thing :mrgreen:. When i drew my picture i didnt draw a background or clean it up cus i didnt think any one else was going to, boy was i wrong. I was really impressed by some of the drawing talent PDN's community has.


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well guys, unfortunately i didnt have much time to work on this piece. but im actually pretty happy with the results, ther are some lines i would like to clean up and some details id like to add but im gona call it done because i dont really have any time to work on it now. i hope you guys enjoy the piece, it was created after the movie 'night of the museum'.



Support Our Troops, End The War

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This time it is difficult to foresee contest result, since there is a lot of good entries.

Some of them are very funny. Mine is not.


It is very simple, since this week I was mainly working on a new plugin (just published, click to learn more). I used a very restricted toolset. My dinosaur is made at 99% of line/curve and paint bucket. No gradients.



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