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what is your philosophy?

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ive been hearing a lot of... sayings here recently, so i figured id ask the users of pdn what there philosophy is. its nothing serious, but still ive got to ask. i dont honestly know what my philosophy is, which is why im dissapointed that i realy cant start the posts..... well actually i jsut rememberd something my teacher once told me that does stand true.

my philosophy is: "he who hesitates, is lost".

so, what are your's?


the lambda symbol is the scientific symbol of all things decaying over a rapid period of time. Or in a different subject, the photographers term of an object moveing so fast it blurs the picture puposefully.

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***** is like the queen of england, a figure head. (kinda like a saying but it has meaning)

^^^ i bleeped that out, not cus its a bad word, but because some people might not agree and i dont want to start an argument.

Why put off for tomorrow? what you could get done today?

Today will end, and tomorrow will come, just for today to end again.

Life is more of a square than a circle, there are more sharp turns then smooth curves.


Support Our Troops, End The War

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how about: why put off for tomorrow what you could put off for the day after tomorrow?

or: what does it matter, you'll die anyway

or: when you're dead it won't matter anymore

or: if you'd die now, it won't make any difference to the universe

so what's the point of writing this anyway, I'll die anyway and then it won't matter that I wrote this

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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You can stand around and predict rain, or you can get busy building an ark.

Software eventually works... hardware eventually fails.

Extraordinary people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination.

Don't put off till tomorrow what your wife will gripe about today.

If you can't figure out who the sucker is at the poker table within 30 minutes... it's YOU.

A stitch in time saves a lot of unnecessary bleeding.

If you think things need to change, change them.

If you reduce taxes without reducing spending, then you are in effect increasing the deficit.

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.

My wife ran off with my best friend, and I sure do miss him.

Those with the largest number of home runs also have the highest number of strike outs (look it up), so quit waiting for the perfect pitch and swing already.

What better time than now? What better place than here?

People that complain that they never have enough time to get everything done spend too much of their time complaining and not enough of their time getting stuff done.

Next time you are on the road, look around. There are more people on the phone than not. I'm not against talking on the phone when you drive, but get an earpiece and a voice-dial phone, for everybodies sake.

Ok, these are becoming more like rants than philosophy, so I'll stop now, but I could go on for days ;)

Total hack.

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