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Magic Wand Not Working Correctly?

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Ok, I've been using Paint.NET for a while now and I've NEVER had this problem. But suddenly, starting today (using v2.5) whenever I tried using the magic wand, it selects everything. It basically selects the whole canvas and at first I thought maybe it was just the picture. So I tried a different one that I know the magic wand would work on because I had used that picture before. And what? Nothing, magic wand still selects the whole image. So, then I thought maybe I had to update Paint.NET and so I came here, and what do you know? v2.6 was finally released (nice job by the way, fixed a couple things I had problems with.) So, after installing it I tried again but still no luck. The whole canvas keeps being selected. Can anyone help me fix this problem? Using the magic wand is important to me when I'm working with images, so I really need this tool. Thanks.

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Check your tolerance level (the blue bar right under the tools on the toolbar). If you have the tolerance set to 100 (or higher than the difference between the colors of the image), it will select the whole image.

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Tolerance tells Paint.net how carefully to select areas of matching color. With Tolerance at 0, if you click on a light red pixel, a medium or dark red pixel next to it will not be selected as well. With Tolerance at 50, the medium pixel will be selected too, but the dark one won't be. With Tolerance near 100, most pixels (possibly including the dark one) will be selected. At 100 Tolerance, everything is selected.

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Tolerance low = Very sensitive border detection

Tolerance high = Insensitive border detection

IOW: The higher the tolerance, the more should be selected.

This means (at least to me *g*) that the implementation of the "tolerance" slider in PDN is correct.



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