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Happy Birthday Troy! (wither)

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Troy, you didn't even thank me personally *sob*...you know I'm kiddin'.

I personally thank you, Zyonix/Chervil/TopHATslash/Any other names you might have, for having the outstanding decency to create a birthday friend for little old me. :wink:


Thanks again peoples. All the friendliness is what keeps me coming back. :D


Well... I've been an adult for 48 hours now. ...And I've been presented with an opportunity to move out already.* :shock:

*In the form of a free plane ticket back to Cape Coral to begin life anew... I really don't think I'm ready for that though... Grr. I hate making life defining decisions.

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My own birthday thread! I can feel the love emanating from my computer monitor. T-T

It was a very good day. Started out a little sluggishly... but we got Taco Bell for dinner and I'm officially on "IOU" status for a new drumset ... eventually. >_>

...After re-reading that sentence, I've noticed that I'm apparently very easy to please.

Cheap take-out and a promise of a gift sometime in the future and I'm good to go!

Thanks for the all the well-wishing! :D

Happy birthday :D

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