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Hurt and Heal (+/-) #9: Best Invention:Electrical Generation

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I rather liked the one where everyone helped me decide what to make for dinner.

Now, what should I have for lunch?


Burger King

Carl's Jr.

In and Out Burger



Panda Express

Pizza Hut


Taco Bell



Not MacDonalds, they are nasty, (I'm more talking about the way the company chops down millions of acres of jungle rather than the food, which I haven't sampled but it does look like a large lump of grease stuck between a couple of bits of bread), I have a general dislike for most big chains like some of the ones you've mentioned (KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut). So, as long as you're not supporting a nasty multi-national company then I don't mind what you have for lunch.

Although a Sub does sound tempting...

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This is getting off-topic. This is not a discussion of BB's next meal - this is a discussion of whether BB's meal or several other subjects will the be subject of the next H&H.

Hush. My thread, my rules. :-)

Besides, we're really just marking time until the poll closes. It's no huge deal.

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When will the next one be posted?

Funny you should ask. :-)

EDIT: the poll options were:

Best Art Medium (Flash, comics, cartoons, film, static pictures, etc.)

Best Sport

Best Vacation Destination

Best Video Game Company

Best Lead Singer

Best Letter

Best School Subject

Best Music Composer

Where should BoltBait have lunch?

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