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Tutorial Request : Convert image/photo into world map

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I'm trying to made an RPG game and I need to create an island with a form of an specific item (something like a sword or an animal).

So I find a photo of this item and I want to made a world map with this form.

I find in forum this topic viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5871&hilit=world+map which explain how to draw a custom world map, but I need to convert this photo into a world map.

Is there someone who can help me?

deviantart.jpg mp.jpg

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I think my previous post may be confused.

I try using an example to explain.

I have a picture of a fish (the tipical image from fish side), and I need to create an island with the shape of fish.

That means that the coast of the island are the fish border, and inside I may have a lake where's the eye and mountains where there are flipper/fin.

I hope this explain what I'm looking for.

deviantart.jpg mp.jpg

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You could use this tutorial:


For instance, your example of fish-shaped island. You can create a fish shaped outline before adding the noise. You could also do any of the other shapes you mentioned.

You could use the other tutorial for creating the terrain, but use this one for the island shape.

Hope that helps

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