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How to edit text in PSD-file?

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How to edit text in PSD-file?

Use Photoshop.

Just to say whatever the charge is for Photoshop CS2 in the US, is the same in Pounds Sterling in Britain plus a bit for luck

Why? Adobe state that providing an International language costs them more.

Remind me -which language do we speak in England?

The Point:

If I could afford Photoshop CS2 for personal use, I'd never had used Paint.net :mrgreen:

I think that applies to most people.

Amazon UK

Adobe Photoshop Extended CS3 (PC) (2007) (Windows Vista, Windows Vista Enterprise / XP)

Buy new: £886.99


$1764.6619 US Dollars (USD) is equal to £887 UK Pounds (GBP)

and no - they force the software to non-function if we buy in the US


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