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Access to layers for plugins (like CodeLab)

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I'ld like to be able to use (the data in) other layers to manipulate dst[x,y].

I imagine (read-only) access to an array[n][x,y] named layers, and the ints currentlayer and toplayer. The plugin would have the responsibility to test for the existance of the needed layers.

My first application would be to use the luminance of the previous layer as a measure for unfocussing. This way I could simulate a large aperture (small focal depth) on e.g. a high focal depth picture that has some subject that needs to stand out.

What would be really cool is if this feature could be combined with an existing Popular Request: Adjustment layers.

Instead of limiting the possible adjustments to, say, the 12 used in another wellknown picture editing app, one should be able to select an effect to be used by the adjustment layer.

It could severely impact editing performance but it's power would be unlimited.


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