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Gravity (ymd:100714)


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Sorry, but to prevent this forum from becoming a cyber Tower of Babel, comments must be posted in English.


Google Translate translates the comment to: Hey is it also possible to center gravity around an object?


In answer to that question: No, the "gravity" is always directional. You can play tricks by creating an object that's easily removed later (such as having an alpha of 1) which is against one of the canvas edges. When Gravity is applied, the original object will be moved to touch the newly-created object. (I fear this comment may not even make sense in English much less translated.)

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31 minutes ago, MJW said:

In answer to that question: No, the "gravity" is always directional.

I think the person is asking for a new feature. This is actually feasible.


There is something I have made that makes this much more feasible -> https://discuss.pixls.us/t/rectangular-polar-transformation-sequel-thread/22724 .


The above is about transforming a image which can be combined with Gravity to do this. I also have a G'MIC that does this with the aforementioned technique.

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While I playing around to answer the question, I discovered a sort of bug in Gravity. If there's a selection around the object to be moved, Gravity writes outside the selection. This can be seen by creating a filled circle in the center of the canvas, surrounding it by an elliptical selection, then applying Gravity. Areas outside the selection, but within the selection bounding box, will be modified.

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15 minutes ago, Reptillian said:

I think the person is asking for a new feature


Maybe. The verb tense of the translation suggests the question is whether it's currently possible ("is it" instead of "would it be"). However, I have no idea about German verb tenses or Google Translate's ability to accurately translate them into English.

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9 minutes ago, Tazilon said:

Does this download no longer work?


It does but it's a bit 'touchy' and you need to allow it on your Malware.  Don't worry it is quite safe :) 


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