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How do i make a plug-in

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Making a plugin yourself requires knowledge in programming in C# (and/or maybe any of the other "C" languages)

If you don't understand that... then go learn it, as there's not much you can do without it. (I've no clue where to learn it. Try buying a book or something.)

BoltBait wrote a tutorial on writing an effect plugin that breaks down the process in CodeLab... viewtopic.php?t=5281

But again, if you don't know C# you're out of luck for anything more advanced than making a dot in the center of the canvas...

I don't know a lick of C# or any other programming language (besides some of the basics of ActionScript, but that's entirely unrelated). So I'm the definition of "wrong person to ask". >_>

If you've got ideas, but (like me) can't even hope to code them, post your suggestions and one of our "senior plugin authors" might be able to whip something up for you! :D

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Ok. where do i post to get a plugin made. Im only new to this forum so im reallt sorry. If you could tell someone for me tat would be nice. Here are my idea's. My first would be like looking through X-Ray goggles like it havig green. Kinda like the XOR effect. The next one would be saving photoshop/GIMP brushes into paint.NET. like programming paint.NET to take different programs plugins, brushes etc. Dont know if that is possible though. Having a built in thing where you could make your own plugin like you can make a plugin in paint.NET. My third idea is to make a clothes type texture plugin. Im making a person project and i need to add realistic clothes. My last idea is to be able to make Animatons in paint.NEt without other programs. thanks for reading.

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CodeLab let's you build a plugin in Paint.NET... but it only works if you know how to program one in the first place ... >_> viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1096

Just make a new thread describing the effect you'd like to suggest.

Example: "Plugin Request: X-Ray Appearance" (or something like that)

First off though, I can run through the suggestions you have so far...

Custom brushes are on the list for Paint.NET 4.0 estimated to be out sometime next year. Until then, there's no chance of that happening. :(

Other programs' plugins are probably impossible as well, but I think it would be totally possible to make a new plugin that imitates GIMP/Photoshop/Whatever Else plugins.

The clothes bit might be hard. You'd have to have a good example of the texture you want to imitate. I know "clothes" seems self explanatory, but it's not really enough to make a plugin off of. (I don't think so at least)

Lastly, it's been stated (a few times I believe) that Paint.NET will never be an animation program. It just wasn't made for it.

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