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DVD Pixle Questions

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I haven't got the first clue. :-) And I'd be willing to bet no one else here does, too, but I don't want to speak for them.

Why don't you try scanning one in?


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Why don't you try scanning one in?

I was about to suggest the same thing. :D

If you haven't got a scanner, I could scan one for you and tell you the dimensions. It'll have to wait a few hours though.

Please do!

_also when you make something in PDN and you want to print it, it gives you Photo Prining Wizard and it makes you pick a size and is there a way you can print it with the size you made it in?

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My dad takes our scanner out of town with him on business. He came home tonight, but he appears to have left the USB cable for the scanner... somewhere. >_>

So I won't be able to scan it for you. Though I Googled "DVD cover dimensions" and got this. I think it's what you're looking for. :D

http://www.emcken.dk/weblog/archives/26 ... sions.html

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Hi just registered. :)

I am having the same problem. I need an image 27x18cm and have re-sized in Paint.net no problem.

The problem is in the way Windows prints. Paint.net is fine but as soon as you send it to print, Windows only allows certain formats within the requested paper size.

For example if you state you are printing on A4 and you untick fit to frame it will still try and print using the whole A4 page and ignores the size you have set in Paint.net.

We need a program that will print on A4 to the exact size specified in Paint.net and that is what I am looking for. The Windows print system is very basic and totally useless for printing specific print sizes.

Unless someone knows different....

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It's been a good long while since I had to print anything, so I may very well be wrong. But I believe that MS Paint (yes... the lame little thing that Paint.NET is supposed to be replacing) has a less cumbersome print interface that doesn't resize your pictures at all... At least I think. Be sure to let me know how it works out. :D

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Ok I have sorted it using the Windows print after all :roll:

This is in Vista.

Open the print window then click Options/printer properties.

In resizing options scroll down to custom. Give yours a name and set the dimensions then make sure you click 'save' before OK.

Now exit out of it all (for some reason you sometimes have to do this for it to save!)

Now go back into Printer Properties and select your custom size you created and tick Scale To Paper Size and select your project there too so it's in both boxes.

Click ok and see if your project is listed in the paper size options. If it is then choose that. If it isn't then try again or use A4 and see if it prints your custom size to that.

I created a custom size called dvd cover and that is now listed in my paper sizes for future use. It does work but it's a bit complicated! Hopefully it will work for you too.

(EDIT crossed post - yes Paint has improved and maybe that does do it-not tested it yet :) )

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