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The Clone Stamp samples from one portion of the image and copies those pixels over to where you paint. [Ctrl]-Clicking sets the source point for the clone tool. Then, when you paint, it starts copying from that point. If you move your cursor around, it will copy over the pixels from the corresponding position to source point.

So, if you're trying to clone over, say, a spot on a person's arm left there by a lense blemish from a camera when the picture was taken, you'd want to set your source to a place where the flesh color is simiar to his arm. Each time you stop painting, then start again, it recenters itself on the source point, so you can copy the same colors over multiple times. Play around with it, and you should be able to get something that looks convincing.

If you want to post the image you need un-blemished, I / we could take a look at it and see what exactly it would take. Otherwise, I hope that helps!


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Thanks dan, I have used a similar program called photo filtre. I think its french. I have used the clone on this many times, both the area to clone from and the density of the clone are adjustable and simple to use. I understand 100% what you said and prior to my post I couldn't get any cloning action. After my post I played aroung and finally got a clone but the color was not a match. I think this is because I flipped around to several areas and don't know which attempt worked. I'll keep at it, thanks again.

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