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Can You Make it? Competition #1: Paint.NET Logo

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Welcome to the first Can You Make it? Competition! In this competition, you are set with one task: try to recreate the image given to you. The competition will challenge your creativity testing your skills in analyzing images and deciding how they were created

The Rules

The Rules will change in this competition based on the image being used as the sole target of the competition. Overall, you may not use the original in any shape or form. If you break this and any rules posted at the bottom, your entry will not be allowed, and you will be barred from the next Can You Make it? Competition.


Scoring is the heart of this competition, and is unique when compared to others. For every percentile of votes you recieve, you earn one point. There are then Image Portion Points (IPPs) that can be awarded through out the course of voting.

Image Portion Points

In each competition the base image will be broken down into core elements in which you can earn points based on accuracy. For instance, if you did extremely well in an Image Portion Points category and three other Paint.NET forum members posted in agreement, you can earn the corresponding point value.


All discussion belongs in a seperate thread. This seperate thread is vital as that is where you can earn Image Portion Points. The thread will be opened and this post will be edited with a link accordingly.

Paint.NET Logo

The image for this weeks competition is the Paint.NET logo. Please understand that the work is under a Creative Commons Attribute. Breaking this license will result in you being barred from the current and next Can You Make it? Competition. NO STOCK IS ALLOWED!

Image Portion Points

This competition's categories are as follows:

Background Image (The Mountains): 10 points

The Paintbrush: 5 points

The .NET text: 5 points

Requirements and End Date

The final entree must be at least 500x150 (Average Signature Size)

The competition ends on February 6th 2008 at 12:00am

(Please note that this time is Central [+6])




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Since when did we set up a new competition like this? See the rules:

16) Don't try creating new "official" threads for things. For example, "post all plugin requests here!" If the moderators want to reorganize or officiate things, then we will -- that's our job, not yours.

Also, the Paint.NET Logo is licensed under a no derivatives license. Which means that everyone who entered the competition would be required to first ask my permission to make a derivative. I don't want to be fielding e-mails all week for that man.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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