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Request:Can someone help me make a logo for my clan site?

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well, really you should try it yourself, its really simple, you mess around with effects and the different layer properties, everyone at pdn will be more than happy to help you, why dont you try to create something, even if you dont like it post it, and well talk you through it


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Alright, I am over it now. Rai Shizaki, I am afraid to say that your post is going to be locked. You are breaking the rules either way, twice if I might add. I am just asking if you can read the rules next time.

And as an answer to your question (I wouldnt have done so unless you had apologized) would be this:

1. Cut out the figured man, if you search "Cutting out Images the Easy Way" you will find a tutorial on how to do it.

2. Add a new layer to your background, and past your figured man

3. use a drop shadow effect, which can be found via Search

4. Follow the "How to make a Gaming Sig" tutorial to spice up your photo

5. Merge layers, resize, and crop.

That should be all, and shouldnt take that long with a good outcome. And now I am going to wait for the silver hammer of moderatum


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Thread Locked, like it should've been about an hour ago...


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