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[Request] Basic Picture Retouching on Actress headshot

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Hey there guys.

I just downloaded the program, and I opened it, and attempted to do this myself.. but I realized in the timespan I have, and with the results I hope to achieve, my n00b skillz just aren't cutting it.

My uncle is a photographer, and I had him take a senior picture to double as a headshot for my upcoming college auditions (this weekend, eek!) and I'm pretty pleased with the result, except for a few minor issues.

There is a very, very visible cross hanging from my neck, and I think it's too much of a symbol (my mother made me wear it) and takes attention away from where it needs to be in a professional setting. Is there a way of removing this without cropping the picture ridiculously? I tried that, and printed in 8 x 10 form... that's A LOT OF FACE. Haha.

Also, he tried to retouch it a bit himself, and that left my face and neck two different colors.. but I don't have the heart to point this out to him, because well, he did this for free. Is there a way to re-blend that and make it not as noticeable?

I'd also like the typical photo retouching stuff done, like teeth/eye whitening and excess frizz removal etc.

The thing is, I need it in a rather short time frame.. so anyone that could get it done as soon as possible would honestly be my hero. I'd need it by, at latest, Thursday night.

Here's a link to the full size picture

and here's a smaller kind of crookedly scanned one just so you can see what I mean.

Thanks in advance. I really hope someone can help me out.


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Sorry, but this is not a place to recruit artists. We'll be more than happy help you with your questions, but you cannot ask for someone to do your work for you. :-)

Take a look at the Rules again. Thank you!

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