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Debate: Water Fluoridation

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Oh man, I missed your spam debates from oh so long ago ;)

Same here, and the random topics of said "spam debates". :wink:

As an answer, yes. Water fluoridation helps keep public water safe and healthy to drink. The fluorine is even good for you, to a small extent.

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In decent countries the water is clean enough not to need such tricks that make your tea taste bad.

And there's already fluoride in toothpaste - so it wouldn't really help for your teeth either (too much can also be bad, makes them brittle)

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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lol my old town used fluoride and for over 11 years people were told to buy water for drinking as the fluoride was so high in the water that it could cause cancer. Only a few years ago after I moved my old town got a new water system put in for like 10 mill and now the water is fine.

So yes if you really need it and no if it not needed. At the time are town needed it or something and ended up putting in to much.

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