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Adding Axi to Curve tool.

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When you draw a line using the line tool it only gives you 2 axi to drag from to adjust the line, is there a way to add more to allow you to shape the line more, for instance right now it takes me 4 or 5 lines to make a circle because i can only drag 2 axi if there was four i could make a circle.

Please let me know if im not clear.




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I can draw a perfect circle with the line tool by using only 2 lines.

The trick is to draw the line, then immediatly right click on one of the nodes to turn it into a bezier curve. With a bezier curve you can easily draw a half circle by placing the 4 nodes in a box shape. :u:

You can't quite draw a perfect circle with only 1 line. But, you can get close.

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