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downloading problems


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hi,,, am trying to download the newest paint.net but when i try to run it come up with this box NSIS error

this installer you are trying to use is corrupled or incomplete..

i did try to download it again after taking the other one out.. thank you for any help with this... wanda :shock:

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Are you using some sort of download manager, or did you simply download it with Internet Explorer or your browser?

If you are using a manager of some sort, try downloading it again with your browser (no download manager things), and see if it works then.

If this doesn't work, try downloading the installer from another website...try download.com for instance.

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:D thank you for the help.. i did go to download.com and downloaded the 2.5 that one i had to also download the net 1.1 for it so that may have been why the 2.6 would not download.. now will try to update it to the 2.6

again thank you for the help have a great day wanda

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