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Moving selection causes black area after reopening

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I deal with BMPs exclusively. When I select and move parts of the image it leaves a checkerboard area uncovered where the selection is moved from. It gets difficult to evaluate the spatial balance of design elements with various areas of checkerboard showing through, so I have to close and reopen the file often to get rid of the checkerboard. Sometimes after reopening, the image contains black area where some of the checkerboard was (I think it has to do with moving a selection that already contains checkerboard, apparently resulting in a ‘black-hole’). This can be time consuming and problematic to correct.

The only way I’ve found to get around this hassle is to add a layer, move it to the bottom, merge, and save as a bmp.

Am I doing something wrong or is there an easier way to avoid this phenomenon? Thanks.

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There's nothing wrong; the reason is quite simply that the .BMP format does not support transparency. Your workaround is the only way. Good job finding it all on your own, though!


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It took me some time to get used to layers, but they're pretty usefull once you work with them for a while. So I store my files as .pdn files, to keep the layers and transparancy intact. You can always save to .bmp whenever you need a bitmap for something else.

You may also want to use another filetype, such as .png, if that's an option in your case. It's widely supported, provides transparancy and can be compressed without quality loss, too.

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