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bluring tool

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i was woundering if someone could make a bluring tool like the one from photoshop that's like an erase but blurs the areas you click on.

The reason i'm saying this is because i used the trial verison of photoshop but realized the pdn is easier way easier to use and i think it be great if it had that tool/plugin.

thank you for your time

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This falls under custom brushes. Which is impossible until PdN 4.0. :(

There is a workaround though. It's not quite as easy as the Photoshop way where you do it in a single click, but it should work for you nonetheless.


^ Click for full size. ^

1) Open your image.

2) Duplicate the layer it's on.

3) Use Gaussian Blur at whatever setting you'd like.

4) Set your primary color's alpha value to 100.

5) On the blurred layer, use the Clone Stamp tool to select your reference point.

6) Create a new layer (hide the blurred layer), and line the Clone Stamp up to the reference point and click.

You will now have your very own, feathered, blur tool! :D

(This can also produce something similar to a soft brush/airbrush, which is so very often requested.)

Edit: Reading this inspired me to try out some other things too and roll them all into a tutorial! :Dviewtopic.php?f=15&t=22096

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