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new feature request- thumbnail view

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I was just wondering, is there any way that a thumbnail view feature could be added on certain zoom levels? I frequently use a large amount of zoom while working on images (i'll admit, its probably because I'm not anywhere nnear as good as most of ya'll) but I believe that this feature would be very handy. If this is something that can't be done, or something that has been beat to death before I got here, I'm sorry and lock this thread, but I for one could see a lot of use in a feature like this.

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Don't worry, the first topic was before the mass Forum update a few months ago, so the Forum search did not find it. Nor PDN's Google search. The second discussion was found using a term you may not have thought of immediately for this feature: 'MDI' - Multiple Document Interface.

So no need to apologise. I'm assuming the topics helped?

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