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Debate: Is Brown any good?

Is Brown any good?  

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  1. 1. Is Brown any good?

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Inspired by sabrown's debate threads, and by a discussion in them, I've decided to ask the question, is George Brown any good?

In my opinion, short answer: No. Long answer, No, and he does an extremely bad job of it. I mean, I think the entire country's personal data has been lost in the past 6 months, and all the things which are bad keep on stacking up on each other....

So, discuss.

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...George Brown...
They finally hit it off then?

As for Gordon Brown, I feel that only because Gordy is new, wet behind the ears, and a little ugly that many of the issues recently laboured by the media have been blown completely out of proportion. I'm not defending him, but are you telling me that nothing bad happened during Blair's era? And don't you think it's all a little coincidental that it all seems to be happening now, when he finally comes to power? He can't be a complete fool, not to be in such a position now and before he moved to Number 10.

In fact, I don't know why I'm posting in this one, as I avoid politics whenever I can, so I really cannot forward a reliable debate on the matter.


Wait! I've been looking for this for a while now. The below quote is in regard to the lost HMRC CDs from earlier this year...

Richard Thomas, Information Commissioner, said: “This is an extremely serious and disturbing security breach. This is not the first time that we have been made aware of breaches at the HM Revenue and Customs – we are already investigating two other breaches.
Emphasis added by me.

Full article: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/11/20/hmrc_loses_lots_data/

See, not the first time, and as Brown has only been 'involved' in the latest, therefore that reference must reside with Blair - notice 'investigating', meaning present work, so it is something rather recent but not too recent for Gordy. I shall try to find more to either prove or disprove my theory.

EDIT: blast! This just proves how distant I am from politics, and why I should continue to stay away:

From here:

Records of about 15,000 people's details go missing after being sent by HMRC to Standard Life. Also in September, a laptop containing around 400 ISA (individual savings accounts) customers' details is stolen.
They are the two other incidents spoken of before, and as Gordy came to be PM for the UK in June, these events took place under his reign.

Oh well, I thought I had a good thing going.

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I think he gets a lot of bad press for not doing such a terrible job. He doesn't do "motivational speeches" as much as Blair, and that's why people don't like him as much.

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*Yes, I'm Indian but everybody in the world is affected.

That's because the UK is good friends with George Bush...........Damn, I just realised, mabye he'll come to the UK and try and take over here.....

As I said earlier, he'll always find a way back...... :twisted:

Though seriously, Brown > Bush. Bush is just bad news. Like coming home from school/work to find your house has been robbed of everything, including the kitchen sink. Every week.

Now, to be serious, I don't really like Brown. He can't really talk to save his job, I wish he was.....actually, he done a bad job at the treasury aswell.....

I'd prefer Blair really, if only so we could here impressions of him again on HIGNFY :)

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What I want to know is, why, if Brown was such a good Chancellor of the Exchequer for 10 years, why, almost as soon as he becomes PM, does he admit that the country's finances shall go to rack and ruin in '08? And what I really want to know is why did we not have a General Election when Blair stepped down? It should be enshrined in the constitution we don't have that when the PM steps down, we should have a General Election. Ah well, I'll probably be old enough to vote when the next one comes around.

@ Myrddin: For someone who tries to avoid politics, you sure are knowledgeable about it.


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