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Need help with Spider-Man style text...

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I found an interesting tutorial for Photoshop, on how to make text like that used on Spider-Man 3

Here is the link: http://photoshopfrenzy.com/?p=71

However, all my attempts to modify the method for use in PDN, have failed.

I have searched here for methods of doing chrome, or metallic lettering, and I must admit I have seen some nice effects...I have not seen one that will help me produce this type of effect.

I don't know, maybe the proper Plug-Ins don't exist yet? Or maybe I am overlooking something? I cannot pretend to be a genius when it come to computer generated graphics, so that could very well be the case.

Oh, and I already have the font :)

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Well first make the text filled with gradients. For the chrome/metallic shiny outline, you could try somehow converting the chrome text tutorial effect to the outline of the text, but this would be quite hard. Talented PDN members who are good with text on this site might be able to help you for further support. :wink:

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That looks very close! (with the exception of the font). :)

Well, not surprising. This is my first REAL attempt at graphics in any program (other than decrepit old M$ Paint, in which I have had the displeasure of doing gradient images, line by line, pixel shade by pixel shade). On a short note, I finally got a clue, and am looking at this program (which while it may not have the advanced look of PS, or PSP, seems to be just as good (if not better), because for the most part things seem to not be quite as involved. I am also figuring out slowly, the shortcut keys, and methods :)

One of my favorites by far, is for the wand (holding shift, and clicking a part, selects all relevant sections, not just the section you click in) :)

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