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Making background black and white

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Hello, i'm new to paint.net and im still trying to learn all of the different features and different tools.

Could anyone help me with any tips on making the background in the picture black and white. I currently use a selection of pictures as my background wallpaper for my mobile phone and my PC wallpaper but i would like to make the background black and white to make the foreground stand out.


I've tried using the magic wand tool and then lowering the tolerance and then highlighting the background but it doesnt seem to work as effective as i would have thought.

Any tips? or if anyone would be so kind to make them black and white and then re-host them I would be very happy :lol:


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Use Search to find a tutorial called 'Cutting Out Images the Easy Way!' as this will help you cut out your football players and place them onto a background of your choosing.

However, I would recommend using an alpha mask (plugin | tutorial) as it can give a far superior cut and make it look far more professional. The steps are virtually the same as the Cutting Out tutorial linked above, only with the addition of using a plugin at the end.

Up to you, both work, although one more than the other ;).

Hope this helps somewhat.

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The easy way....

Duplicate your image layer (layers-Duplicate Layer)

Convert this top layer to black & White (Adjustments-Black & White)

Now erase the foreground areas allowing the color to show through

Option - change the opacity of the top layer allowing faint background color

Final - Merge Layers (Image Flatten)

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Looks great....

Now you can also, before merging the layers,

Select the erased area from the top B&W layer, invert the selected area

Move to the background layer and blur it slightly (inverted selected area)

Return to the top and adjust the opacity allowing some color and blurred background to show through....

Another way to blur the background without going through a difficult selection process....

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