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can anyone point me to car modification links

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yes i suppose thats what you would call it basically im trying to work out different designs for my van i have lots of pictures of different items etc but want to apply them to my van before doing in real so i can work out the best items to get and use, if there are any tutorials i can ollow to get a better idea how to do this that will be fine, i have searched for cars/vans/vr/cropping images but no luck so far not sure what else to look under

thanks nathan

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If the van happens to be white, your in good luck. It's easy to recolor and skin a white vehicle than a black one. It's just a matter of creating new layers, making flames or whatever with the brush and line/curve tools, and playing with the layer properties (like setting the blending mode to Multiply). Let me know if what I just said is too complicated :)

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hi there unfortunatly not just white its red as well bad luck colour for me red, i need to be able to take parts from other pictures i have on the comp, and transfer them to my van to get an idea what it will look like, if i go that route with modding it.

thanks Nathan


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Unfortunately my paint.net is frozen on install right now...

But anyway, there is a plugin called something like Conditional Hue/Saturation, this plugin lets you choose a color (like red on the van) and change it to another color.

As long as you roughly select the van (so the bricks and stuff isn't included) that should generally work well for the red stripes.

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sorry but what is a PS tutorial and would you have a link to one thanks

PS is Photoshop..im sure you know what photoshop is,(if not its a photo editing software thats costs money from Adobe)

anyway heres a link to Digimods.com tutorials i can follow them, but it takes a while to realise what tool to use instead of the photoshop tools that paint.net is missing! Enjoy


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