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Feature request - Feather - YES, I know there is a plugin...

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I am just starting the process of introducing many, many students to this program and I am desperately trying to transition myself from PhotoShop over to Paint.net (the price of this program suited the school budget perfectly). The one feature I am having the most trouble living without is the Feather feature. I have tried the plugin but I find it to be a little clunky and time consuming and I am longing for the ease of the PS version of this tool (I'm especially addicted to getting it by right-clicking and finding it there along with cut, copy and paste). Just wanted to ask if this might someday be added?


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I would certainly like to see it. Rick seemed to allude that it might be possible to feather selections using the new rendering architecture in the 4.0 version, but I don't recall hearing anything about a tool or even any confirmation about whether it would happen at all.


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Sorry, yes, what I meant was that they were much more enthusiastic about a free program than they were about buying PhotoShop for a zillion dollars.

Stupid schools. My art teacher said that the school can't be bothered to get any animation programs, and also another teacher said the only reason the school has PSP is because it's cheap.

Always underlacking in the art/designs department. Which is where I'm hoping to spend a bit of time next year. :(

Anyways, PSP has that feature, though is extremely complicated and made me want to tear my eyes out. It looks bad.

GIMP may have that feature, but it's also a little "un-tidy" on the UI side.

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Well, I normally take the long and hard process of Alpha Masking my rough edges away (takes about 15 minutes, don't ask how I do it :)). Otherwise, there really isn't any good way to feather to my knowledge.

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Thanks for the advice. Yes, the GIMP was originally my choice for a program when I knew I was going to teach this class but I decided that Paint.net was easier and more likely to not intimidate my students. I think I will just tell them that they can move on to GIMP if they find Paint.net to be too limited.

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