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New to Forum + PS vs. Paint.net questions

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Hello everybody! :D

I've been using Paint.NET since the beginning of 2007, and it served me good, for my needs (which were resizing photos and writing text on them, lol). But today I accidentally clicked on Help and saw option for tutorials and plugins so I came here to check them out. There in some topic I read about new Paint.NET so I went to check that one out. And whoa...how awesome Paint.NET is!? I love all innovations!

I recently became interested in icon making, photo manipulation and web design, and I was thinking about getting Photoshop because of all it's functions, but if Paint.NET has everything I need...

I found lots of resources with brushes, patterns and textures which I want to use, not mentioning lots of great tutorials, which are, of course, for Photoshop.

What I'm trying to ask you, is, what PS and Paint.net have in common? Is it possible to use brushes, patterns, textures in Paint.NET? Is it possible to make them and use them in Paint.NET?

I really like this program and this forum, too! Many tutorials and plugins, and I hope it gets even better!

Sorry If I'm asking something that's already been asked and answered, if you could just link me to it...

Cheers! :mrgreen:

ETA: corrected 'net' into caps, from respect to program and it's fans :P

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Patterns= Yes

Textures= Yes

Custom Brushes= Until Early 2009, No

Oh, and we prefer to call it Paint.NET with the "net" capitalized :)

Photoshop has custom brushes, anti aliased selections, and oodles of blending modes. But it has an overwhelming interface for new user. It has great capabilities, but are those things worth the $900 that CS3 sells for? Unless you are a professional working for a global Fortune 500 company, or do digital art for a living, Photoshop is probably unnecessary. If you get it for free, take it. But if not, then why bother?



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Thanks for your input!

I corrected my awful mistake! I humbly apologize ;)

Ok, but how do you use them?

And of course I wouldn't buy Photoshop, I'm a student for heaven's sake, lol! A friend offered to give me the CD but it looks very complicated, so I put my hopes in Paint.NET but I'm hoping for brushes very soon. :(

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If you consider 2009 to be "very soon," then your wish has been answered. :-)


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I'd say Macromedia Fireworks over photoshop any day. It's pretty much the same exact thing. And it takes up waaaaay less space than P.S.

I have used CS3. Worth $900? NO WAY! It's not that much different than the other photoshop's. Just another way to make money...

But if you get CS3 for free..take it...you can have custom brushes...and overall there is more choices. But I can't stand it because it takes a while to open..but then again..that's on my computer...


Fireworks 8 - 65%

Photoshop CS3 - 10%

Paint.NET - 25%

*I don't mean to "diss" paint.net in any way...in my opinion it's the greatest freeware program there is...and I continue to use it to this day..but we all know there is some things you just can't do with PDN yet...*

I'm back. Doubt you remember me. Oh well. =]

First image since opening PDN over 3 months ago. :P


Just a note. I hate PHPBB3.

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If you consider 2009 to be "very soon," then your wish has been answered. :-)

Haha, actually, I'm hoping Paint.NET will get loads of donation and they will speed up new versions with innovations. :lol:

When I put some money on my bank account I'm definitely going to donate some money.

Thanks Dalton for your input! :D I had PS 6 for a while, and damn, I think it took 120 MB on my poor laptop! And it took a lot to load, as you said. I am not familiar with Macromedia Fireworks, I'll google it. :)

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