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Progressive images [tutorial request]

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I've been toying with animation for games, and wondered if there were tutorials on how to make several "progressive" images... the kind that if you were to cycle through would give the appearance of animation?

If I have Mr. Stick Figure, and he decides to walk, it's not too difficult to take individual body parts, each on a separate layer, and bend and distort them to make him walk around.

However, if you have a character that will walk in a full circle, so you need the front, sides, and back, would the best thing to do is create a single "wide" image, apply the Shape3D tool, and rotate it just enough to get a sort of perspective from all the different angles? If you do it this way, how would you then get the same effect of the character walking, running, etc?

I don't even care if the tutorial links go to external sites... I'd really like to incorporate the general ideas into Paint.NET. If I get one working, and I get something good turn out, I'll even post my Tut on how I did it!

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Are you making it into a .gif or a flash?

Actually, neither. I'm going to make a bunch of individual images and string them together in-game. Whatever the format, it would have to support alpha blending.

Pyrochild: I can already make the sprites animate. What I'm not sure how to do is to create the actual image(s) that will be animated. I'm good at programming, poor at graphics and graphic designing.

One site had animated water where the ripples looked almost like the Cloud plugin, which faded into and out of view. I've tried this, and I don't mind having dozens, even hundreds, of layers to make sure everything "melds together" correctly. My problem is simply making realistic movement.

The "best looking" way to do this is probably create something with Blender3D, Maya, etc., but I'm also no good at modeling, so it would take just as long to model a single character as it would be to write half of the game code :roll:

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To create good-looking sprites, you have to have some measure of artistic ability, or be willing to use someone else's sprite library/stock, and be willing and able to abide by their license terms. There really is no "easy, automatic" way to make sprites.


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Um i know its expensive but if your gonna make a game then i suggest you invest in Macromedia Flash 8 or something like that from Macromedia...

I use it a school and had to make an animation using that program and in my spare time in class i made a game :D like a space shooter (2D of couse) but a very basic one...

but you can get Flash 8 *cough cough* *wink wink*

Hope that aint against the rule :S


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