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I nominate Paint.NET v3.20 to be the best... update... ever.

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Thanks Rick.

v3.20 is awesome... so awesome, in fact, it deserves it's own thread in honor to it. You guys are an excellent development team, providing us, your userbase, with a fantastically-designed and well-supported application. v3.20 came out... and it was awesome... and we already have a v3.22 in beta. I don't know of any other piece of software withe developers quite so willing and able to fix bugs and deliver new features as quickly. You guys had a 256x256 pixel icon BEFORE Windows Vista was launched, and it's fully compatible with or without UAC, with or without administrator rights.

I just don't even know what to say other than thank you, and keep it up. You guys rule. New Paint.NET features and fixes are like... the highlight of my day. Because I'm a geek.

PS: Incidentally, if you have a laptop with ATI Radeon graphics, and you'd like to update your graphics drivers, I may have something that might make your day too. Figured I should mention that for whatever reason. :)

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