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WAYLT Thread! (Come on In)


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So this is going to be a WAYLT Thread... as I searched and couldnt find one already!

(Mods can only make this an official thread...I cant so..*wink wink, cough cough,:Dlol*)

Whats a WAYLT Thread?

Well it stands for What Are You Listening To? and all you do is answer the question....but dont post and say "none" because thats spamming, as I see it, and we want to be kind to the wonderful and helpful community that is Paint.NET Forums.

So get posting what your currently listening to and comment on each others songs... And again, dont start being obnoxious by saying "Thats such a stupid song....you obviously have no taste GTFO loser" so dont do it!!! Mods will be watching....

94 hours - As I Lay Dying :D


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