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How do I copy a selection of my image to the same image?

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Please bear with me if this question has been covered before or if the answer is too obvious - as you can tell I just started recently working with Paint.NET.

I have spent much time looking for an answer - here in the fora and elsewhere - but with no success and thus I try asking here.

Perhaps it is because I do not know the correct terms or haven't understood the workings of Paint.NET yet.

OK - this is what I want to do using Paint.NET ver. 3.20:

I want to make an existing web-image larger.

The original image is 10 x 23 pixels. So I change the canvas size to 100 x 23 pixels, giving me the original image in the left side and white background for the remaining part of the image.

I then want to select the left most 10 x 23 pixels (containing the original image) and paste it nine times moving to the right so the entire enlarged image is "covered" by the original image 10 times. I hope that makes sense.

I have tried to use the Rectangle Select and mark the original 10 x 23 pixels. Press CTRL + C and then CTRL + V, trying to move (what I believe should be) the pasted copy using the left mouse button (cursor is a little hand - Pan, I believe), but this seems to stretch the image and I don't want that.

If I in stead use Rectangle Select and mark the original 10 x 23 pixels, then press CTRL + C and afterwards CTRL + V, clear the selection (pressing ESC), then I can use CTRL + left mouse button to move the copied image on step to the right - a kin to what I want to do. But if I try to repeat it, then I move not the copied 10 pixel wide image to the right - but the entire 20 pixel wide new image to the right.

I hope the above description made sense.

What I am doing wrong?

From reading a bit here and there it seems as if layers should be involved in this, but I can not figure out how that should be done - mostly people write "copy and paste the selection" and leaves it at that.

Could someone please talk me through this, step by step, in a simple manner for someone who has no real experience with Paint.NET.

Thank you in advance.


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Especially on selections so small, Paint.NET has 'difficulty' telling when to pan and when to stretch when you get close to the selection.

Once you have your selection set, you don't have to click anywhere near it to move it. Just click literally anywhere in the PdN canvas (or the gray area behind it) and drag it over.

Or you could duplicate the layer once, use Rotate/Zoom to move it over until it meets the edge of the lower layer perfectly. Then duplicate that layer, Rotate/Zoom with the same settings. And so on until you're image is full.

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Thank you very much for the quick reply.

And the answer was - as I suspected - very simple indeed. :-)

I hadn't thought of the image as small - probably because I had it blown up to 1200%.

For now I will go with the "one-layer only"-approach.

Thank you again.


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